Cooling System / Radiator Service

Your cooling system and radiator are critical to the life of your car's engine. At FasterLube Complete Auto Service, our trained technicians service these systems to prevent your engine from freezing in the winter and over-heating in the summer.

FastrLube cooling system services:

Cooling System Fluid Exchange:

  • Exchange, clean, and fill radiator with proper mixture of new coolant/antifreeze fluid
  • (up to 14 quarts)
  • Inspect and pressure test radiator cap
  • Inspect belts and hoses for wear and deterioration
  • Inspect cooling system components
  • Extended-life coolant available

Cooling system services provide the following benefits:

  • Helps prevent engine over-heating during hot weather and in slow moving traffic - especially with A/C in use
  • Helps prevent engine freezing in cold weather conditions
  • Helps provide rust and corrosion protection to radiator cooling system components
  • Helps extend life of engine and cooling system components
  • Helps restore freezing and boiling point protection




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